Turkish Lessons


Well, yes this may look like an allegorical headline here but it’s almost a necessity for an expat looking for a Private Turkish Course to learn Turkish, especially in Istanbul. Please read on to understand why?

As you may or may not be aware, there is a debate going on for years amongst second language teaching methodologies.

A method called ‘Immersion’* is popularly implemented where not even a single word (of the learner’s native language) is spoken and the learners are bombarded with the language they try to learn.

However opponents of this method claims that second language learners should be taught and explained the L2 in their native language (or in English as the most widely used commercial language).

I am personally, the strong believer of the latter and have winning arguments to be so.

First of all, Turkish is an alien language for English or any other Western language speakers as it comes from a very different language family. (Please read the three major features of alienation per se at home page, under the ‘Turkish Language’ headline).

Secondly, time spent is a very important factor for both; an expat living in Istanbul and the immersion method. Since the immersion method is much more time consuming because of its sequential, cumulative and continuous features; time and budget could suddenly become an issue in Private Turkish Lessons if that method is applied! Plus, being an expat working in Istanbul, needless to say, you will already have some time management issues.

In conclusion, my private Turkish lessons are performed in English and a reasonable, amount of Turkish practice, increasingly, is included through the curriculum.

*Language Immersion: or simply Immersion is a method of teaching a second language in which the learner’s second language (L2) is the medium of classroom instruction. This type of program is generally age specific from 5 to 21 and sequential, cumulative and continuous (…) (Source: Wikipedia)

Private Lessons

Upon your request, a need based curriculum will be determined as per your allocated time and lessons will be performed at your choice of venues like office or home. My experience shows that minimum four hours of lessons, per week, is the optimum for satisfactory outcome. My working hours can vary between 08.00 and 20.00 hours with no weekend work. However in some special cases I can create room for weekend work. Please ask personally for further information.

Crash Courses

Sometimes you or the person concerned may want to make a head start on learning Turkish and have some intensive hours of lessons. That is what we call Crash Courses and it is generally one to two weeks of five or six days a week intensive Turkish Course. In such case daily hours of lessons is three or four hours depending on the purpose. A reasonable amount of homework is given and the incumbent expected to complete them all to be able to move on to the new study subject the other day.


Our Curriculum is normally designed for the new learners of Turkish and aims to teach the certain structures required for fluent communication along with the basic grammatical structure of the language. A full list of subjects taught can be provided upon request and subject to change as per learner’s requirements.