Q: Who is the team of tutors teaching Turkish?

A: Since I take the teaching Turkish as a serious business it is only myself. Considering my target customers are expat executives, I believe that it is important that coming from a corporate business culture; mutually trustworthy professional relationship is essential. Therefore I myself take the full responsibility.


Q: Where do you do the lessons?

A: Since lessons are private and generally one on one, we do the lessons at learner’s choice of venues like his/her offices or at their house depending on the hours. I travel to the venues to save the learners from the burden of heavy traffic in Istanbul.


Q: Do you only teach during the week?

A: Normally yes. I do teach five days a week, however if there is a special request or necessity I also consider to do it on Saturdays as well.


Q: What are your work hours?

A: My work hours are generally between 08.00 and 20.00, so you can choose any time slice in between these hours.


Q: What is the duration of a lesson?

A: It is normally 45 minutes per lesson as per Western education standard. However depending on the subject or the learners’ focus it can be 5 minutes more or less. Please also bear in mind that for optimum results I generally do 2 consecutive lessons per session with 10 minutes break in between.


Q: Do you only teach Turkish from English? What if someone wants to learn Turkish from any other languages like French or German?

A: Yes indeed, I only teach Turkish Courses in English. However, if needed, I may direct you to some other Language teachers. We have a good source especially for teaching Turkish in French. Please ask for further details.


Q: Do you conduct Turkish courses for groups?

A: In principal, No! Because my teaching experience proved me that every person plus every nationality have different learning and studying skills which may shorten or extend the learning process while others cannot keep up with the pace. This is of course becomes a problem in group lessons. However if needs be, we may try a group of 2 or maximum 3 persons for a start and check the progress accordingly.


Q: Do you conduct intensive (crash) courses for a head start on Turkish?

A: Yes we do. I conduct one or two-weeks of intensive Turkish Language (crash) courses. These courses are 5 or 6 days a week and maximum of 3 to 4 hours of lessons per day.


Q: Do the learners have to buy any course material?

A: No actually. All the materials and notes will be provided by me with no extra cost. However I normally ask learners to buy a good Turkish – English, English – Turkish dictionary. I will, of course, tell you the best dictionary in line with your aim and enthusiasm in Turkish.